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Elite cobot

  • Prices from 14.280€.
  • Flexible financing solutions. Credit decision even on the same day.
  • Fast delivery time. A cobot delivered even in a week.
  • Free delivery to the nearest Kaukokiito terminal.
  • A wide collection up to 16 kg.
  • IP-based remote control and programming in all models.
  • The CS series is also available with IP68 rating.
  • Versatile connectivity and connection possibilities.
  • Extensive planning, installation, programming and training assistance.

Why Elite cobots?

Production must be efficient while we invest in work well-being and ergonomics. For this reason, it makes sense to outsource heavy, repetitive and even dangerous work tasks to Elite collaborative robots and free people for more human and creative work.

Elite cobots improve processes very cost-effectively.

Delivery times for Elite cobots are short, installation and commissioning are easy, the selection of various grippers and other tools is wide and the spare parts service is fast.

In addition to affordable purchase prices, we offer customers various financing solutions to facilitate the purchase.

You can also get help with planning, installation and programming from us (charged €118/h (VAT 0%)).


Cobots are small and agile and are designed to enhance work processes and work alongside humans.
Calm and cautious cobots do not need security arrangements around them, as they stop when they hit an obstacle.

Easy to use

Thanks to their light structure, cobots are easy to transport, move and disassemble and do not need to be permanently mounted on a stand. Cobots are easy to install and their programming does not require extensive programming skills.


Cobots have a wide working area and offer extreme automation flexibility. Various tools, grippers and other accessories can be seamlessly integrated into them to perform desired processes tirelessly and with high precision.


It is difficult for a person to work exactly the same way and equally efficiently day after day, but the cobot always does his work 100% consistently, without breaks.


ELITE ROBOTS has been strongly involved in smart manufacturing and has successfully developed light 6-axis collaborative robots, or cobots (3kg/6kg/12kg). Cobots have gained a positive reputation among users in the automotive, electronics, packaging, logistics, metal, chemical and other industries.

Based in Shanghai, ELITE ROBOTS manufactures cobots for all kinds of activities where collaborative robots can be imagined – light and more flexible collaborative robots for assembly, tightening, machine loading and unloading, material detection, picking, stacking and unloading goods, grinding and polishing, and so on.

The European office located in Germany enables very fast deliveries of both cobots and spare parts.

Milestones and business:
The founding team of ELITE ROBOTS comes from the Robotics Institute, BUAA R&D (Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics). The founding team developed China’s first CNC control system and robot controller in 2003 and 2009, respectively, under the leadership of Professor Wang Tianmiao, Director of BUAA’s Robotics Institute and Principal Scientist of National Robotics.

The founding team has carried out R&D activities in all different industrial robot categories and then moved heavily into the world of collaborative robots, utilizing the know-how accumulated over 17 years.

The application areas are divided into six industries: 3C electronics, automotive components, metal processing, packaging logistics, home appliances, medical equipment and retail.

ELITE ROBOTS decided to focus only on collaboration robots in July 2019, when its product range was completely changed and all traditional industrial robots were gradually abandoned. ELITE ROBOTS thoroughly researched the biggest cobot manufacturers on the market and decided to introduce the latest generation of CS series cobots to the market in 2022, which will probably revolutionize the competitive situation. ELITE ROBOTS’ goal is to be the world’s largest cobot manufacturer within 3-5 years and implement a strategic plan for strong expansion.