EC612 / 12kg 6-axis cobot | W2M Laser

EC612 / 12kg 6-axis cobot

23,205.00 (alv 0%)

With a large load capacity (12 kg) and a wide reach of 1304 mm, the EC612 is the most powerful and versatile Elite collaboration robot. This cobot is suitable for jobs where distances are large, such as packaging and putting on a pallet at work.

Programming is done with the JBI script program.

Operating lease for 60 months: €457.00 (VAT 0%).

  • WEIGHT: 33,5kg
  • PAYLOAD: 12kg
  • REACH: 1304mm
  • FOOTPRINT: 200mm
  • ACCURACY: +/-0.03mm
  • MAX SPEED: 3.2m/s