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InConClean in Vaasa focuses on laser cleaning services with the new generation 200W W2M Laser.

InConClean was established in 2021 by Marine Captain Janne Harju. The business is located in Vaasa, Finland, but the operating area is close to unlimited because of its flexibility and mobility.

Multi-purpose industry cleaning by laser technique is a very efficient, clean, and environmentally friendly option compared to traditional methods like grit-, soda-, and dry ice blasting, or even mechanical grinding.

InConClean’s mission is to provide a high-quality, cleaner and more efficient cleaning method for a wide range of industrial needs.


Hyvä-Huolto Oy is selling laser cleaning services

We acquired a 120W cleaning machine from W2M Laser in November 2019 to supplement and replace old traditional cleaning methods, says Jani Reinikainen from Hyvä-Huolto Oy. We are a company offering special cleaning services, who now also offers laser cleaning services to various companies, Reinikainen continues. The purchase prices of laser cleaning machines were very high in the past, but with W2M Laser, the purchase of equipment and the price of the cleaning service we offer are at a very good level, says Reinikainen.

We have been very well received and many people think that laser cleaning is an interesting cleaning method that opens up completely new possibilities. We have succeeded in developing new cleaning operating models that were not possible before the laser, says Reinikainen.

At Hyvä-Huolto, we see the laser cleaning service as a new business that partially replaces the use of chemicals and acids, dry ice blasting and mechanical grinding, but also brings completely new cleaning targets. We believe that the laser cleaning service will increase significantly in the future as people’s awareness of it grows, Reinikainen continues.

Cleaning with a laser is very easy and fast, as the work steps are omitted compared to traditional methods. Among other things, protection and post-cleaning of the work place is almost completely eliminated. Our customers have told us, even in their annual reports, about the savings brought by laser cleaning, ie we are talking about significant savings, says Reinikainen. So we can really recommend laser cleaning to different companies, because the laser bends in many ways and certainly brings ease and savings, concludes Reinikainen.

Bemu Expert

Read and watch how Bemu Expert utilizes the W2M Laser cleaning machine

Bemu Expert Oy is located in Janakkala and serves local and other BMW customers with long experience with a team led by Jani Aarrekivi.

Jani had been thinking about purchasing a laser cleaning machine for a long time and when the eye hit the W2M Laser, it was clear. The W2M Laser 60W cleaning device was delivered to Bemu Expert on July 4, 2020.

The machine works with Bemu Expert in a very versatile way, as can be seen from the videos below.


LHI-Service Oy is selling laser cleaning services

LHI-Service Oy is specializing in selling laser cleaning service and they have the headquarter in Rauma.

LHI-Service Oy bought a 150W fiber laser cleaning machine from W2M Laser and started to sell laser cleaning service to all kind of industries who need a fast, ecological and effective cleaning in their businesses. There is a great demand for laser cleaning and Finlands most efficient laser cleaning machine gives us good opportunities to offer a fantastic cleaning service, says Lauri Heino.


Eka-Terä has been operating for more than 50 years, offering professional blade maintenance and manufacturing services throughout Finland. At Eka-Terä, we sharpen and manufacture various blades for the wood, wood panel, metal, aluminum and composite industries, says Jarno Niemi. The right kind of blades are made individually for the customer’s needs. The blades are e.g. circular blades, milling cutters and cutters for carbide or PCD diamond cuts. HSS planer blades and courses. Chopper, band saw and drill bits.

The store has a variety of circular saws, milling cutters and drill bits for different machining methods, as well as band saw blades and planer blades of different widths, which are made to the size required by the customer, Niemi continues.

With the W2M Laser marking machine  we mark all manufactured blades with blade dimension information and Eka-Terä’s own logo and QR code. Eka-Terä also subcontracts laser marking to various companies.

Undertun Industri AS

Our first customer in Norway

Undertun Industri AS is a leading manufacturer of corridors, evacuation systems, leveling / leveling ramps, lifts and other marine equipment.

Undertun Industri As acquired a W2M Laser cleaning machine (120W), as our first customer in Norway, to facilitate the cleaning of welds.

Cleaning the welds with the laser cleaning machine is ecological, fast and accurate.

We acquired the W2M Laser 60W cleaning machine in December 2019, says Jukka Mäntyharju from G-Tronic Oy. We need a cleaning machine mainly to remove rust from steel and cast iron surfaces. The use is higher in summer, when steel parts rust faster due to humidity.

Laser cleaning of surfaces is clearly easier and faster compared to previous methods. The excellence of the laser is especially evident on uneven and non-machined surfaces, Mäntyharju continues. In the past, we had to use clearly more expensive blowing methods or time and nerve consuming hand grinding. The time savings are immediately noticeable, as working with a laser is actually much faster.

We have also tried the laser on other surfaces and removed e.g. dirt, oxidation, scum and paint. Most contaminants start off really well with the laser but for multiple overlapping paint surfaces the 60W laser is a bit small.

I recommend the W2M Laser cleaningmachines with good mood, as it overcomes physical abrasion when it comes, in addition to which it gets into difficult cavities and corners that are almost impossible to clean with other methods, says Mäntyharju.

We acquired the W2M Laser 60W cleaning machine in June 2020, says Jussi Rahkama from Schmiedmann. The largest single cleaning target so far has been the cleaning of the sliding surfaces of the brake pads in connection with brake repairs. In this task, the laser works much more efficiently than previously used grinding / filing of sliding surfaces, Rahkama continues.

Laser cleaning of various sealing surfaces is completely superior to any other method, Rahkama glows. Cleaning them is really effortless and very quick. So the time savings are great.

Cleaning rusty and cast iron parts requires a slightly longer cleaning time than mechanical cleaning, but the total time used for the work is still shorter, because when cleaning with a laser, the parts do not need to be removed and can be cleaned while they are in place, explains Rahkama.

I still can’t say how much time and therefore money we can save on the use of a laser cleaner, because it has been with us for such a short time, says Rahkama, but the device is in daily use and new uses are being found all the time. Routines are being developed and applications are being innovated, so I believe that over time, the laser cleaning machine will also bring us clear financial benefits, says Rahkama.

With such short experience, I can recommend the W2M Laser Cleaner to similar companies, as the laser cleaner works much more efficiently and faster than traditional methods in many places, concludes Rahkama.

FinLaser Oy

FinLaser Oy is located in Hämeenlinna and it is selling laser cleaning services to companies and also private persons. They purchased their 200W back pack laser cleaning machine in November 2021.

As references they have Teknos, SSAB, Fortum sekä Konecranes.

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