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Easy-to-use equipment

The devices are extremely easy to use and in all aspects user friendly. The hardware is simple to operate; plug in, power on and you’re done. The entire range features automatic focal length adjustment.

The equipment can be used for both small-scale cleaning and heavy-duty 24/7 use. There are three slightly different collections in our selection:

W2MFC collection is MOPA i.e. pulse laser. This newly updated collection introduces even more efficient but smaller and lighter laser cleaning devices that make mobile work easier.

W2MCW collection is designed for heavy duty cleaning and the equipment brings really efficient variants to our range.

• W2MCL collection is suitable for a wide range of applications, especially for delicate cleaning.

All machines have a 2 years warranty.

A flexible leasing contract to all models (starting from 243,60€/month).


  • Removal of rust and paint from metal surfaces.
  • Cleaning of mould. Rubber, plastic, resin, etc.
  • Pre-treatment of surfaces to be welded or coated.
  • Removal of oils and dirt from metal surfaces.
  • Paints, pulps, resins, adhesives, biofilms and oxides etc.
  • Removal of dirt and darkening from natural stone and concrete surfaces due to environmental impact.
  • Applications in the electronics industry, removal of particulates and oxidation from semiconductors, circuit boards, and conductor components.
  • Graffiti, printing industry rolls, stock grease, property cleaning, nuclear power plant cleaning solutions.
Hight-tech non-contact cleaning
  • The method does not use liquids or gases and does not contain consumables.
  • Gentle, does not damage the base material.
  • Laser cleaning does not require special protection or post-cleaning of the work environment.
  • The method is not fire work, so it can be done by one person.
  • Extremely quiet.
  • Laser goggles and a respirator are sufficient protection.
High-quality cleaning head
  • Simple, lightweight and ergonomic, the structure makes handling even large objects easy and comfortable.
  • The cleaning head’s internal optics and instrumentation are of a very high quality for precise pattern, stable operation and long service life.
  • Different cleaning patterns provide a very smooth surface.
From professionals to professionals
  • Durability and efficiency are at the heart of the design of the cleaning head mirrors and lenses.
  • Work with the equipment can be done almost indefinitely, ie work is not interrupted during cooling periods.
Unique control system and features
  • Clear and easy-to-use menus, extensive control options and the best cleaning performance in its class.
  • Thanks to these features, the cleaned surface is of uniform quality, the base material is not damaged and cleaning control is easy and accurate.
  • The control system has three optional languages; english, finnish and swedish.

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